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LOT Polish Airlines resumes direct flights to Sri Lanka in December

In a fresh boost to early revival of post-COVID tourism, LOT Polish Airlines will resume direct flights to Sri Lanka from 7 December. Lot Polish will fly twice weekly to Colombo until the end of the winter season. Sri Lanka Ambassador in Poland Dhammika Kumari Semasinghe met with LOT Polish Airlines Chief Commercial Officer and Board Member Michal Fijol yesterday and welcomed the resumption of the carrier’s services to Colombo.

New Ambassador-designate assumes duties

Tourism Sri Lanka

During the 14th century, the Jaffna Kingdom known as Aryachakravarti, was the most powerful royal force on the island. The kingdom's origins are unknown, but may have started around 1200. It finally fell to the Portuguese conquest in 1619 despite attempts by the last king Cankili II to win it back.

Independence Day of the Republic of Sri Lanka

A Day of Celebration: Sri Lanka National / Independence Day The Independence Day in Sri Lanka is celebrated annually on the 4th February. Sri Lanka gained Independence from the British on February 4, 1948. The day is a national holiday in Sri Lanka. It is celebrated all over the country with flag-hoisting ceremonies, dances, parades and cultural performances. The main celebrations take place in Colombo. Here the President raises the national flag and delivers a speech at a nationally televised event. Many struggles were made in the history of Sri Lanka for the cause of freedom. And on the Independence Day all of those who fought for this are remembered and celebrated. But the independence movement against the British is especially recalled. In the President’s speech, he highlights the achievements of the government during the past year, raises important issues and requests the people to join together in commemorating this historic day. The President also pays tribute to the national heroes of Sri Lanka, observing two minutes of silence in their memory. A great military parade is also performed. In recent years it showcased the power of the army, navy, air force, police and the civil defense force. And the commitment, bravery, national unity and determination to achieve peace is recollected in the minds of the Sri Lankan people. The History of Peace: Sri Lanka National / Independence Day D.S. Senanayake became the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka after we got the independence from the British in 1948. He emerged as the leader of the Sri Lankan independence movement that lead to the establishment of self-rule in Sri Lanka. The legal head of State was Queen Elizabeth’s governor at that time. The first President of Sri Lanka was William Gopallawa in 1972. This replaced the Governor’s role. Until 1972, Ceylon was a Commonwealth realm with Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state and Queen of Ceylon.

Welcome back to the paradise island of Sri Lanka

Welcome back to the paradise island of Sri Lanka. As we open our doors to the world once again ; we’ve pulled out all the stops, ensuring that every precautionary measure has been set in place to make your island getaway as safe, secure and serene as possible. In your preparation to explore the wild and wonderful, we’d like to bring your attention to the ‘things you need to know ‘ for your safety as you make your way to an amazing time that is So Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka is a paradise of unlimited sun, sea, sand and surf all year round. Sri Lanka is never out of season for a beach holiday. There is always some part of the beach that has friendly and warm waters. Known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka is a land with fascinating golden, sandy Beaches that attract many tourists to the country. The island is blessed with 103 rivers, rushing down rocky precipices forming a number of roaring Waterfalls of various shapes and heights, all ending up in the Indian Ocean. Only a few of Sri Lanka’s waterfalls can be viewed with ease, where as the others can only be seen by penetrating thick forests and tea plantations.

Zapraszamy na kolejne międzynarodowe spotkanie online z cyklu Biznes Bez Granic E-TRADE WEEK SRI LANKA – POLAND 2020

E-Trade Week Sri Lanka – Poland daje możliwość indywidualnych, bezkosztowych spotkań z producentami najwyższej jakości produktów ze Sri Lanki. Spotkania online B2B organizowane są pod patronatem JE Cahm Wijeratne, Ambasadora Republiki Sri Lanki, pana Jacka Czauderny, Konsula Honorowego Sri Lanki oraz Urzędu Marszałkowskiego Województwa Pomorskiego. Inicjatorem Trade Week Sri Lanka – Poland są pan Jacek Czauderna Konsul Honorowy Republiki Sri Lanki, we współpracy z Warszawską Izbą Gospodarczą.

The Honorary Consulate of Sri Lanka was opened in Gdańsk. The only one in northern Poland

It will allow to tighten business contacts and economic cooperation, enable student exchanges and advertise Gdańsk in South Asia - these are, in a nutshell, the tasks of the Honorary Consulate of Sri Lanka. The newly opened facility is currently the only one of its kind actively operating in Poland. It is located on the Granary Island, at ul. Chmielna 26. The official inauguration of the consulate's activities took place on Friday, September 11.

Wizyta Ambasadora Sri Lanki

Ambasador Demokratyczno-Socjalistycznej Republiki Sri Lanki - JE Chandrasekara Atapattu Herath Mudiyanselage Wijeratne był dziś gościem Wojewody Pomorskiego Dariusza Drelicha. Była to pierwsza wizyta ambasadora w Pomorskiem. Ambasadorowi towarzyszył Jacek Czauderna, konsul honorowy. Listy uwierzytelniające Prezydentowi RP - Ambasador Sri Lanki złożył w styczniu ubiegłego roku. Ambasador jest z wykształcenia prawnikiem, piastował m.in. funkcję ambasadora Sri Lanki w Kuwejcie.

72nd Independence Ceremony – Embassy of Sri Lanka, Warsaw

The Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in Warsaw celebrated the 72nd anniversary of Independence on the 08th of February 2020 at the Embassy premises with the participation of the Sri Lankan community living in Poland and the Embassy officials and their families. The official ceremony proceedings commenced with the hoisting of the National Flag by Ambassador CAHM Wijeratna to the accompaniment of “Magul Bera”, followed by singing of the National Anthem.

Annual Meeting of Student of the Department of Oriental Studies at the University Warsaw

HE CAHM Wijeratne, Ambassador presented a few copies of  Alina Krecisz’s book on history of a travel of two famous Poles to Ceylon and her travel to Sri Lanka after one hundred years ago to Dean, Faculty members of the Faculty of Oriental Studies and to the Library during the 25th Annual meeting of Diplomats from Asia and Africa with incoming freshmen held at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw on 23 Jan 2020.

The Ceremonial Commencement of First Working Day of Year 2020 Embassy of Sri Lanka in Warsaw

The commencement of the first working day of 2020 was held at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Warsaw with the participation of Ambassador and all staff members of the Mission on 2nd January 2020. Following the hoisting of the National Flag and singing of the National Anthem, the Embassy staff observed two minutes of silence to commemorate the war heroes and others who sacrificed their lives for the country.