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Spotkanie Marszałek Sejmu z ambasadorami państw Beneluksu

We wtorek 8 grudnia 2020 roku marszałek Sejmu Elżbieta Witek spotkała się w Sejmie z ambasadorami Belgii, Holandii i Luksemburga w Polsce. Celem spotkania było m.in. zasygnalizowanie potrzeby dalszego rozwoju współpracy międzyparlamentarnej, w tym w ramach formuły Grupa Wyszehradzka - Beneluks, a także podkreślenie potrzeby umacniania współpracy dwustronnej.

Belgium and the United States sign agreement to establish preclearance at Brussels Airport

Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense Philippe Goffin and United States Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium Ronald Gidwitz signed a “preclearance” agreement on Monday that will allow passengers boarding flights from Brussels Airport to the United States to clear U.S. customs and immigration prior to embarkation in Brussels, and to save time upon arrival. This agreement, which has been under discussion for several years, will help further strengthen the already substantial trade and investment between the two countries and promote Brussels Airport as a trans-Atlantic hub.

The annual report 2019 of Enabel is available

The annual report of Enabel is now published online. In this report, the development agency looks back on past activities. It focuses on 2019 but it also looks ahead by outlining the long-term strategy. 2030 is the year by which the international community wants to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Enabel has its own role to fulfil in this undertaking. To better address the changing global reality, the agency identified five global challenges: Peace and Security, Climate Change, Social and Economic Inequality, Human Mobility, and Urbanisation. The report explains why these choices are made and how Enabel provides answers to these challenges.